1. Vice President of Business Development


    Kevin Segedi
    Digital Lead at SAW Communications

    Tim's understanding of both the market and marketing contribute to his development of ideas into actionable marketing plans and materials. He has a keen sense for doing what is right for your business. And he is personable and genuine!

    Kevin worked indirectly for Tim at ClosingCorp
    Pamela Fox
    Product Manager II at Bridgepoint Education

    Tim Kasnoff is one of the most dedicated and hard-working people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. Faced with a challenge, Tim will throw every ounce of creativity, blood, sweat and tears at it until he has the best possible innovative solution that will bring success to the business. It was an honor to work with Tim. I would consider myself lucky to do so...more

    Pamela worked indirectly for Tim at ClosingCorp
    Jose Bono
    Senior Designer - Co Founder at Guava Graphics

    Tim is one of the most creative and results minded individuals I've ever had the pleasure to work with on a daily basis. A consummate professional and “idea man”, Tim constantly pushes the boundaries of the web with his views and ideas to come up with that “killer app”. Tim’s attitude and work ethic is rare. Weekday or weekend, he’s always made himself available to me and my staff.

    Jose worked indirectly for Tim at ClosingCorp
    Anthony Farwell
    President & Founder at GovX, Inc

    Tim is one of the more creative thinkers I've worked with. He is able to think strategically and broadly about business initiatives. Especially strong in the Internet and real estate space.

    Anthony managed Tim at ClosingCorp
    Tim Armbruster
    Tim Armbruster
    Chief Technology Officer, SVP – Products and Product Strategy at ClosingCorp Inc

    Tim is a visionary in the Real Estate and Closing industry, with a wealth of great ideas. He has helped us navigate our innovative business through the complexity of the Real Estate industry, by providing contacts, strategy, ideas, and solutions.

    Tim worked directly with Tim at ClosingCorp
  2. Consultant

    Tim Kasnoff Online

    Will Gowin
    Will Gowin
    President at Spencer Gray, Inc.

    Tim is a true "idea" guy. If you combined a web savy individual with an "idea guru", you've got Tim Kasnoff. He has exceptional soft skills including being a great listener which he uses to understand a clients needs and is able to translate that into an exceedingly resourceful solution. I would highly recomment Tim to anyone that is truely looking to take their business to the next level.

    Will was with another company when working with Tim at Tim Kasnoff Online
    Jeff Dalton
    Jeff Dalton
    Managing Consultant at Catapult Systems

    Tim is the consummate ideas man. He is full of passion, creativity and drive. He is an excellent communicator and has great sense of business and what is important and what is not. If you are looking to expand your business beyond what you dreamed possible Tim can help you see and achieve it. I highly recommend Tim. He is a joy to work with and fun to be around.

    January 23, 2009, Jeff was with another company when working with Tim at Tim Kasnoff Online
    Leah Gowin
    Leah Gowin
    Co-Owner and Director of Business Development at Fuelhaus Integrated Brand Communications

    Tim Kasnoff has been a treasured part of my marketing team since 2000. He has worked with me on various projects from the comical to the complex. Tim's ability to seek effective and efficient solutions is uncanny; I have yet to stump him with a problem. He is extremely conscious of cost and budgets and is the best-valued partner I have ever worked with in my career.

    Leah was Tim's client
    Lindsay N. Ball
    Lindsay N. Ball
    Professional Communicator, Tech-savvy Relationship Builder with Marketing Background

    I've enjoyed working with Tim because he always brings new ideas to any project. He clearly knows his field well and is very patient when training others, like me, who don't know as much about the technology. Tim is upbeat, personable, and a pleasure to be around.

    Lindsay N. was Tim's client